Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What to do?

Hey I am thinking of going to go to Bethel when I get out of the summer job. But may be stay at home for a while then go to Bethel for a job. So may be I will think about it after I get to my job when the time comes. And boy am I so close to graduating so I think I am going to start staying after school so that I could get done with my work. So yeah I will come in after school. And yeah I really have to come in so I would not have to come in for the next 3 days to get work done so I am going to come in to get done. So what would you think I should do come in after school or go home and do whatever? Well this is what I will do I will come in and do work. There are many other things I could do but I think I should get my school work done. There would have been more on this post but I just put down what I was thinking. So I was thinking of what i was doing and may be I will go to the job I signed up for. Then what I would do is find one up in Bethel and save up till I go to collage in Anchorage with my sister and Francis. then from there I could come down to Oscarville to visit my family every holiday or when ever. So yeah I am ready to go out in to the real world. There are many things I want to do before I move to Anchorage like help out at home and stuff. There is more I want to talk about but I think it is good for now. You will be seeing more when I write them days from now after i get out of school. Or when I am at work or some place. Okay will see what you think of this post in my comments.

Friday, May 8, 2009


So I was thinking of my graduation and was thinking of what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Well I am going to tell you what I am going to do. I am going to go to work for the summer and then after that I am going to find a job in Bethel. After words I will move to Anchorage with my sister and Frances. But then I will have to get a job there to so I don't run out of money and I would be able to pay off the bill we will be getting when we go up to Anchorage. So yeah I am totally planed after high school. But I may want to apply early so that I would get a scholarship for collage. So I would not have to pay too much for the collage I want to go to. So far my older sister graduated when she was 20, and this year I am going to graduate at the age of 19 one year before my older sister. And the year after I graduate my third oldest is going to graduate at the age of 18 if she keeps up all her work. Well I don’t know about Nick because he is still in Jr. High School. And we would not find out for another few years.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I have been thinking of what I want to do with my life. What I was thinking of doing is may be go to the army and go there for carpentry then whatever comes up when I am there that is if I get to that point. I also think I am going to work before I go to collage so I would have money to spend when I get to collage. There is many things I want to do before I go to collage is get a job then save up to get into a good collage and what not. I also thing I would go to Anchorage with my sister and Frances but first we would need jobs to get there and rent an apartment. Then after we do that I would have to find a job in Anchorage and it may be hard to find one up there. So it is best to get one in Bethel before going to Anchorage and save up a lot of money in a bank or several banks and one would be to save and another to use. And i think i have a good plan after I get out of High school. But it may change time to time so I better keep my mind open to anything that comes up. So yeah I think I am set to Get out of high school and go on into the real world.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


There was a time when we were biking and there was Michael Steven, Matthew Jacob, and I. That day was a life changing experience because they scared me with a fake fox. I was 10 years old when this happened. At the time this happened was during the summer time. It was around the evening time when the sun is setting into the horizon.
We were biking all day and ended up a Matthew’s house. We decided to have a race from Matthew’s to the well before it got to late. We were all lined up on the corner of the boardwalk behind Matthew’s house. Michael yelled, “Ready, set, go!” right after he said that I saw a flash of two people biking ahead of me. I pedaled as hard and as fast as I could to get caught up. Michael and Matthew slowed down so I could get caught up a bit.
I got to the point where I was close enough to hear them talking. I heard them mumble “we should trick Andrew” but it was hard to hear what they were saying. When I got about halfway between the yellow tanks and the teacher’s house Michael turned and yelled, “There’s a fox behind you!” and they both started biking faster.
Parents and elders would always say that you could never know if a fox had rabies or not. They also said if you get bitten by a rabid fox that you’d have to get shots in your stomach. The thought of getting a shot in my stomach and thinking about how painful it would feel scared me.
When Michael said there was a fox behind me a sudden burst of energy made me bike faster. I was so scared that it made start to cry. My little legs pumped as fast as they could. I could feel the wind pushing against my face and it felt like I was going fast but I really wasn’t.
Michael and Matthew had stopped at the bend in the boardwalk. They were standing there hollering, “Bike faster!" Bike faster” I was frantically biking in horror. My heart was pounding and pounding and I felt like I wasn’t even moving.
When I got to them I stopped right beside them and saw them were smiling.
Matthew then said, “We were just kidding about the fox.”
I was relieved that there was no fox there but it was frustrating to try to bike fast. I felt a little embarrassed about the whole thing.
After that Matthew and Michael brought me back home. I was too scared to my bike home. Nowadays I think of myself not being as scared as I was. I think of that night and it makes me chuckle.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Boy you are going to freak when you hear about this. Man i am one of the luckiest guys in Oscarville because I am going to be greaduating this year and i am so glat i would not have to come to school ever again... But there is a turning point at this not that I don't have to go to school it is going to collage and thal is much harder then high school. Well then I would have to get around it like i did with high school and soon enough I would get out of collage and then live on my own in the real world. I am really glad I am going to be out of school by the 15 or so. And yea let me know what you guys think of me out of school.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

this is a what you think post let my know???HAHA

Hey I am just wandering? What do you guys think of my writing so far? What I think of my writing is that it has improved very well and I will try to let it improve a lot more this summer or when ever. Well my blogs are so good that I am going to keep blogging after school is out and may be when I get older to keep in touch with friends and many others I will eventually meet in the future. Well then you will let me know how I did after reading about my blogs and my previus ones. So i am hopping to hear from you guys soon. For me I think that I am doing much better then I was doing for so many years. I also think that I can improve a lot more.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hey people how you guys liking my blogges. What I think about my blogges is that they are improving very fast or that is what I think. Well I am going to wright some writing so you could read it. Here I go, well I was thinking of going out hunting right when school is out so I would not have to worry about going home early and so I don't run out of shells. Also I would have more shells when it is time to go to the tundra. Well I think that is all... No I am just Kidding there is a lot more to this story or blog. So I think I am going to wait to get out of school so I would have more time to go out and more time to be out there. Because the last time I went out hunting I would come home around 12:00 to about 1:00. And then my dad would tell me to stop coming home late so I did until it happened again. So I am totaly going to wait until school is out and may be by that time there will be more geese to shoot and be a lot easier for me to just go out hunting in the morning then in the afternoon or late evening. So what I am trying to say is that I am going to wait till school is out and then I would have more time to hunt and I would have more shells for the boat trip hunting more birds. And yeah I am going to really wait for school being out but it will be hard for me because I like to go out hunting and I will have to be strong and stay in school until it is out. Got to go now hope you like it later. Yeah and my dad said not to shoot them when they are high in th sky but in yup'ik.