Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What to do?

Hey I am thinking of going to go to Bethel when I get out of the summer job. But may be stay at home for a while then go to Bethel for a job. So may be I will think about it after I get to my job when the time comes. And boy am I so close to graduating so I think I am going to start staying after school so that I could get done with my work. So yeah I will come in after school. And yeah I really have to come in so I would not have to come in for the next 3 days to get work done so I am going to come in to get done. So what would you think I should do come in after school or go home and do whatever? Well this is what I will do I will come in and do work. There are many other things I could do but I think I should get my school work done. There would have been more on this post but I just put down what I was thinking. So I was thinking of what i was doing and may be I will go to the job I signed up for. Then what I would do is find one up in Bethel and save up till I go to collage in Anchorage with my sister and Francis. then from there I could come down to Oscarville to visit my family every holiday or when ever. So yeah I am ready to go out in to the real world. There are many things I want to do before I move to Anchorage like help out at home and stuff. There is more I want to talk about but I think it is good for now. You will be seeing more when I write them days from now after i get out of school. Or when I am at work or some place. Okay will see what you think of this post in my comments.

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BEBE :) said...

I know that you're not checking this right now.. But, when are you going to post again? Grr! I miss seeing you here in Oscarville.. COME BACK! =)